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Blimey...quiet in here!
no anyone is out right now he will be back later
*knock knock anyone home?
Sooo, any bets on when HD will actually go live? Considering I can't even get onto the server i'm guessing it'll be a while :(
Anybody home? i feel lonely T_T
Game News

Welcome to the Web Portal of We Once Were Kings.

We Once Were Kings is a Lord of the Rings Online kinship based on the Gilrain server. Founded in 2008 with the idea of becoming one of the friendliest places to hang out while attempting end-game content where ever possible. We welcome any mature player (mindset over age) who has a solid grasp of English.

WOWK were formed not long after the release of The Lord of the Rings Online's first major expac, The Mines of Moria, and have been active ever since. We're a real friendly bunch happy to help out anyone; we may not always be able to turn up and do a quest with you but there's always someone online who can give advice on how to complete just about anything in the game.

So, if this sounds like you check out our kin roster here and shout out for one of our officers in game.

Guild News

Draigoch's Lair Raid Follow-Up

Aelfwulf, Sep 21, 12 8:16 AM.

Sadly only six people managed to sign up for this raid with one of those tentative who didn't participate in the end and another no-show due to last minute commitments outside the game.

Despite this lack of sign ups the raid went ahead with roughly eight kin members taking part, four of whom didn't sign up here so miss out on DKP, and PuGs for the remainder.  The raid went well until good old Draigoch decided to bug out (again, fix this Turbine!).  This bug is a known issue apparently and we can do our best to help stop it by not using pets; this means no heralds from Captains, no bears or otherwise from Lore Masters and no rocks from Rune Keepers.

Better luck next time Kings, and there will be a next time - mark my words!

Riders of Rohan Pre-order Goodie Bags

Aelfwulf, Sep 17, 12 3:51 PM.

From today everyone who pre-ordered Riders of Rohan should begin to receive their goodie bag codes that Turbine decided to send out as compensation for the delayed release.  These codes will arrive over the next couple of days to the email address you used to purchase the expac.

You will each get three codes to use and each code can be used on a different character or even given as a gift to a kinnie or friend.  All Turbine ask is that you use your codes prior to the 15th October release date for Riders of Rohan.

International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Aelfwulf, Sep 17, 12 10:18 AM.

Ahoy! The Tale of the Shipwrecked Mariner is now live! Talk like a pirate all week long (Sept,17-21)

Wolfie's Hunter Guide Is Now Here!

Aelfwulf, Sep 15, 12 5:50 PM.

Wolfie has decided to share his experience of playing a hunter in fellowships and raids by writing this excellent guide that you can find here.

Everyone with a hunter needs to read and absorb this fantastic resource.

Draigosh raid Follow-Up

Aelfwulf, Sep 13, 12 7:14 PM.
Due to numbers and awful PUG members the raid wiped but never fear WOWK will never give up and we will return to kick some dragon butt on Saturday!
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